Saturday, March 13, 2010


the boys, the Spouse and myself indulged last night in a pleasure we so rarely get to experience...we hit the Barnes & Noble in E-town for a little hands on book shopping.

It was fun, we all found something we wanted and the screamers played at the train table whilst Mommy shopped around for some books to add to our "learning to read" list. Mommy was quite happy thumbing along until she ran up on this monstrousity: D is for Democracy

Yes, ladies and gentlemen...the ugly you can't guess what T is of in that book. You got it! Taxation and according to that particular book (paraphrasing here but it's damn close to what it says) "no longer the fees of kings, they help us pay for many things." Yak, gag, gross...okay, so even the Spouse curled his nose when I said something about it and said he'd rather read the screamers "Too Purply"...which means you know it's bad.

I'm not really surprised...honestly. When Sid the Science Kid starts rambling on about the importance of vaccines and flu shots, it's hard to be surprised about the level to which "they" will stoop in order to reign in young minds.

On a side note, Missouri just changed their homeschooling laws. Parents are now required to keep a log, use the same school year AND hours (1000 w/ 650 being IN HOME)...gone are the send a letter to the school saying you're homeschooling days. Hello control. It's all politics, of course. But then, it pops up just as this happens...interesting, no?


Mayberry said...

Ah yes, they need every warm body they can get in those schools, so they can get their federal money. So making home schooling a pain in the arse is a way to procure some fresh meat...

Wendy said...

Hmmm ... I think my log would end up qualifying as a "creative writing" project ;), as we spend a minmum of ten hours per week at outside classes.

I've used the homeschool tracker software. It seems to be a decent enough program and includes a daily journal, which I like. It also calculates number of days and number of hours for me.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke