Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Waiting Game....Part II

For those that aren't, have never been or ever had anyone remotely related or close to them in the Service...I apologize. This is the part that those outside rarely hear about or if they do they sort of brush it off as a "no big deal" kinda thing. But this part, the part where you as a spouse/servicemember must let it go and wait, is a biggie. The part where you have all of your paper ducks in a row but you now have to wait on the overproccessed bureaucracy of the military.

The Waiting Game.

If you didn't already know, the Army's real motto is not "Army Strong" (or whatever it is this week)...it's "Hurry up and wait" (p.s. I liked the name of the group, lol)...seriously.

You bust your hump, pulling DD forms out of thin air that must be filled out and turned in by 0830 yesterday, kissing butt of unhappy workers (usually civilian contractors) that think you are taking up too much of their Bejeweled time (a game, if you don't know) just to be sure that your end of the deal is upheld in a timely manner. Then you....wait. Wait on order changes, wait on passports, wait on flight dates, wait on transportation, wait....and wait some more.

During all of this waiting you get a half million gazillion phone calls that are updates with nothing new to report. You also make a half million gazillion phone calls to make sure that the hold up isn't caused by you and one measely little form that states you aren't infected with the Southeast Mid-Atlantic Seafoam Bluegrass Orange disease or blind. Because heaven forbid you forget to initial that 1mm line that says so. Then you wait some more.

I am not a patient person by nature. It does not bring out the sweetness in me to be kept waiting. It also does not bring out the sweetness in me to be spoken to like an idiot because I interrupted your Solitaire game in order to ask you to do your job (hello lady @ FLW transportation).

So though we have orders and a fly date...we still wait.


Mayberry said...

Ahhh.... Welcome to Situation Normal, All F*%#ed Up (SNAFU)! Gotta love the military, bureaucracy within a bureaucracy. Don't forget to fill out the ID-10-T, in triplicate ; )

Ozark Momma said...

Aaahhh Mabe, I know it all to well from the last stint in. Only now it's everything by 5's instead of 3's. And the id-10-t is all done, lmbo.

Wendy said...

Brings back ... memories :).

When my husband and I were in the military, we were at separate duty stations, and trying, desparately, to get stationed closer together (on the same base, preferrably, but at least in the same State ;). We jumped through every hoop, and finally, he found a unit that would take him at my post and did a DITY move to Texas from Kansas. Good thing he was living like a bachelor soldier at the time and didn't have much stuff to move ;). Everything fit, easily, into the little Honda Civic ;).

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I can understand how frustrating it is, having been there :).

Ozark Momma said...

Wendy~ I can only imagine (thankfully I blew out a knee before we got to experience that...odd to say thankfully). Unfornately, 6 years of civie life and all the trappings have put us way over the Civic limit, lol.

Thanks for stopping in!

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