Sunday, February 7, 2010


You know the saying, "The best laid plans....."

I am faced with a dilemma...a problem.  And yes, it involves the preps.  While I am quite content that what we have on hand is enough to see us through a fairly good amount of time (not years, maybe a year) I am faced with the undeniable fact that I can't take it with me.  Weight limits et al put a stop to that thought.  So I am left standing over the preps, trying to decide what comes with and what says with the folks.

I also have to think on the possibility that our "household" goods will be delayed (sometimes it happens...months of happening).  Which means stuff sitting in port with all the port related creatures (bugs, rats, mice, thieves, etc).  Sure, it's covered under "insurance" but that doesn't keep the mind to secure, insurance doesn't always pay.  You see the dilemma, I hope.

What to take, what to isn't as if I can't rebuild, but that takes months.  It isn't as if I can take everything (some items prohibited) but I hate to leave so much behind.

The problem plagues me.

So I pose this question to you, dear readers...what would you do (and no, staying is not an option...sorry)?  What essentials would you take on a 3300+ mile trek, halfway across the world, to start anew?

(I also thought it would be an interesting study of comparisons...old time 1800's pioneers vs modern...responses should be intriguing I think.)


Western Mass. Man said...

The first thing that comes to mind is truck freight ship it to your new location. This will be difficult though because shipping companies don't do home pick ups or deliveries.
You may end up putting a pallet in the back of a pick up truck, loading it there, shrink wrap it, and bringing it to the shipping company. They should have the equipment to unload it for you, but you'll have to check with them. I know Fedex and UPS do ship freight as do a few others.
I don't know shipping rates for these companies, but, its got to be cheaper than trying to start over in your preps. It can't be more than a few hundred bucks to ship 2 pallets to your destination.
If you are renting a moving truck, maybe load your preps first, and bring them to the shipper first, than load your furniture and go.
Another thought is to get one of those shipping containers dropped off at your home, you load it up and they come and pick it up and deliver it for you. Again I don't know what they charge, you'll just have to figure out if shipping is cheaper than starting over. Here is a couple of places to start with....
If all else fails find a food pantry and give it away. At least it should be tax deductable.
Good luck and I hope this helps.

Mayberry said...

Oy... I don't know what I'd do... Ditch the furniture? ; )

Ozark Momma said...

Thanks for the suggestions WMM...I've looked into the pods (not pocketbook friendly) but I'll check out the others.

Mabe~ Furniture is not an issue. The only thing we have is the bed, four bookcases and some decorations.

We really do have the space to take it's more of the stuck on a ship with rodents that bothers me.

Fatebekind said...

You might want to contact the guys at Total Libertarian Rantfest blog. One of them just got stationed in Germany a few months ago and had similar problems with his preps and military shipping.

Klaus said...

Please pass on your impressions of Germany, especially as they conform (or not) to an attitude of preparedness. I've lived here almost thirty years and think the Germans (for all their many faults) would actually be halfway okay, in a collapse. They're frugal. There's an "insitutional memory" of hard times and many Germans still have a connection to the land, though rellies and things like, making your own wurst or cider or bread are still seen as normal.

Just my opinion! I hope you like living there!

Ozark Momma said...

Fatebekind~ Thank you for the point in a good direction, I most certainly will.

Klaus~ I loved Germany when we were there 6yrs ago, I'm positive that feeling hasn't faded. I found the country and the people beautiful. Germany is actually where I learned to make bread, lol...despite my frequent stops at the bakery for apfel kuchen.

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