Tuesday, December 29, 2009


That's pretty much all you can say about the last paragraph of this article.  For posterity's sake, I'll post it in italics so you don't have to go look if you don't want (don't ever say I wasn't nice).

Analysts in Moscow think what Mr Putin really wants is a commitment from Washington to only deploy a small-scale missile defence system, that would be effective against Iran and North Korea but would not neutralise Russia's nuclear missile force, he adds.

Well, duh...of course that is what he wants.  Why wouldn't he want that?  Why in the bright blue marble of a world that we live on would Mr. Putin WANT a defense system in place that would neutralize his nuclear missile force.  He wants to be able to use them, effectively...just like we want to use ours effectively.  Why would he not protest?

No, I am not on his side...not in the least.  If we have the capabilities to eliminate a threat, then by all means eliminate it.  I'm just saying...me thinks the Mr. Putin doth protest too much, me thinks his truer intentions will be known way too soon.

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