Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some post-Holiday Randomness...

Good holiday overall here...the littles didn't get spoiled with battery operated goo, just some good ol' fashioned games (checkers, connect 4, etc), some puzzles, matchbox cars, crayons, coloring books, notebooks, pencils and S-A-N-T-A brought an EasyBake oven. 

Go on, say what...yes, the screamers are boys...yes, they got an EasyBake...why you ask...well, they asked for it.  And it was really the only thing they asked for.  I take that back, the youngest DID ask for a real magic wand so he could turn his brother into a frog and step on him, but I couldn't find one of those anywhere.  So EasyBake it was.  Totally cool with me though, since I can work on their baking skills without risking the oldest shoving the youngest headfirst into a super-heated stove and visa versa (truthfully the visa versa is what would totally happen here...the youngest is a spitfire).  Looking forward to actually using it, haven't yet 'cause I'm an evil mommy (you just don't know).

On another note, I'm patiently waiting for some of this snow that is supposedly in the area to start showing up.  Jet stream is hooked just above us (literally) and keeping all that fluffy stuff north about 30 miles...30 miles...sigh.  We got just enough on Christmas Day to whiten things up, but it was gone by nightfall.  Unlike so many, I love the stuff...can totally rip up the road in it...and would so much rather have it than just the butt chilling cold we've had.  Give me a reason for the cold (aka snow on the ground) rather just having me freeze my rearend off, if you please.  This freakin' global warming is giving me frostbite! ;P

I hope you lot used the pre-season sales to stock up on some of the baking essentials out there.  Had some pretty decent prices on flour and sugar in these parts (at one point it was $.99 for a 4lb bag of sugar...killer deal for us).  Right now, the pantry is loaded and we're pretty much good to go.  Could use some more powdered milk but we'll survive until the 1st I believe.  Did score some pouch tuna for a little under 1/2 price on the last grocery trip though, with the assistance of a bunch of cent off and bogo coupons...poor cashier just didn't know what hit her.  I used the 'savings' to grab up some pouch salmon and still stayed under budget....which is a really big deal for me since we are now off the food stamps/ebt and going it all on our own.  A step forward, I think.

Which leads me to a whole different kind of rant...we make too much for assistance (not a gripe per se).  Only because the spouse gets chow hall allowance.  That puts us right under the line, by about $30 which isn't worth the red tape I'd have to fight through in order to keep it.  Yup, if it weren't for that, we'd still have the same amount of $$ coming in that was coming in when he was a civie making $8hr.  Scary isn't it?  Oh, yeah...for those that use the "you get benefits" argument...that includes all benefits but health insurance (since I can't really put a price to that one yet...what with the fantabulous healthcare plan that our great leader and his minions will be providing the civilian world with...please note the sarcasm).

Should be an interesting next few months on this continent...just keeping my eyes open for things that "may" impact us (being that we are in a rather interesting position now) will keep me busy.  Top it off with all the stuff that I KNOW (Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, etc) will impact us and makes me want to just not look at the news, on the boob tube, in the paper.  Unfortunately, I can''s just not in me to turn a blind eye and live in the dark.

If ya'll don't mind (and I know you don't because it is MY blog after all) I'll likely be ranting, sharing, discussing some school related stuff here.  Seems my "Environmentlism professor" thinks I'm a meat-eating, carbon producing, Earth killing moron...2 outta 3 ain't wrong, but I'm no moron.  Break ends on the 4th with the first real assignment being about Urbanization...yeah, interesting and essential stuff (SARCASM).

Well, that's it folks...out for the day...unless I get a wild hair up my rear and decide to come back've been warned.


Mayberry said...

It seems most of those "academic" types are a bunch of left wing loons. They got more than a few screws loose, I reckon because they've never had to get by in the real world. Whenever I see a group of PhDorks I picture them as those little brains in a jar from "Mars Attacks", heh heh heh... Rant away Momma, I know exactly what you're talking about....

HermitJim said...

Sounds like the little ones had a good Christmas! Games are good exercise for the grey matter!

Hang in there with the silliness of the teachers! They don't know any better!

Hey, for what it's can have my share of the snow, OK?

Ozark Momma said...

Thanks Mabe and HJ...the holidays rocked, especially since the spouse got to come home for a bit. Gotta say adieu on Saturday but get to travel to KY to see him in a few weeks (should be fun).

As to the "professors", so far I've had one in every single block/semester that makes me want to make a trip through the computer screen for a little strangling time. There is indeed, one in every bunch.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke