Thursday, June 4, 2009


not really, just couldn't think of another title...lmbo.

I've been thinking on heating on the go alternatives. The spousal unit favors Coleman related stuff (ie the stoves and canisters) for B.O.B.s....I prefer (dun dun dun dun) Sterno. Weight makes a difference ya know.

Then again, the spouse prefers wood cooking over it all but I have issues with smoke signals when you are trying to fly under the radar...we agree to disagree but go with the Sterno since I pack the bags, lol.

So tell me...what do you prefer? Linkage is always good, because I like to look at what is recommended (ahem...Show Me State native).


Anonymous said...

For myself I keep 5 days worth of food bars in my BOB. I figured that if I was in a hurry to get home or get somewhere, I wouldn't be too concerned with cooking. Food bars would do the job on the go.

That said, I do have two of the coke can alcohol stoves and plenty of denatured alcohol for camping trips. These work great don't use much fuel. I also have Sterno heaters (basically same as alcohol stove) and I do have some of the Coleman tanks and a stove.

It's all about personal preference but I keep a variety of cooking supplies on hand for my food supply.

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Anonymous said...

Currently I use HEET ( - can be bought in the automotive section at Wal*Mart - make sure you get the yellow one) but you could also use Denatured Alcohol ( - can be bought at your local hardware store).

Both work in an alcohol stove and can be bought real cheap. They burn clean, light easy and have very little odor.

One last one just came to me.
Trioxane bars ( are popular with those who like military type stuff but they say you aren't suppose to touch the actual bar because of the chemicals. I haven't researched them very much but they do burn good. I carry a couple in each backpack just because they are an easy fire and are solid so don't have to worry about spilling them.

Anonymous said...

Besides a pressure cooker which is brilliant for preserving energy, cooking time, fuel and water (, my new cooking nirvana is the solar cooker. It works on any sunny day and requires no water. I've been able to make all sorts of delicious things in my solar oven including bread, chicken, sausages, ham, potatoes and more. Just encountered your blog but look forward to following it more!

tweell said...

I also don't have cookables in my bugout kit. For longer-term, I like my Coleman Exponent Feather 442 Dual-Fuel Stove.
It does best on white gas (IMO), but can burn unleaded. It has decent flame control, and the tank holds enough for hours of cooking.

Ozark Momma said...

Thanks for the links and sharing of preferences all!!


I prefer fire if no radar is involved. But I am with you and the sterno. Nice, light, hot and you can use it under one of the backback fold up stoves or a hobo stove (paint can with holes)

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