Monday, June 29, 2009


we're experience a slight cool down in these it's not a hundred million degrees with a heat index of two hundred million. Won't last long, but we're enjoying it whilst we can.

The screamers are well recovered from the scorching they received earlier this month, for the most part, and are loving the time in the kiddie pool, sandbox and when Mommy has the time, the creek.

We're set for a blackberry quest down the road a piece from the townhouse a little later this week...don't know what I'll do with them as it is fairly certain that the littlest screamer will eat more than he should...maybe a small (VERY small) cobbler.

Other than the laid back goings on of summer here, not much else to report. Hoping for a little income boost (hardy har har) in the next month or so...oh yeah, we kilt our van and are now driving a zippy little '89 Honda Civic. She gets killer gas mileage that's for dang sure! Trying to convince the male parental figure he needs to let me keep her, apparently he's gone deaf on that topic...sigh. Anyway, would love (like so many others) the income boost for purely selfish reasons...I want to take the screamers out to Branson for a weekend. A little camping, a little Silver Dollar City and a little down time together as a family before we go through the overhaul of moving and such later this year. The spousal unit has plateau'd with actual weight loss but is putting on muscle now so it won't be long 'til the day of contract signing. Woot!

School is school...good days and bad...but I still have a decent enough GPA to brag about, especially since I've been out of school for over a decade. Just three weeks left in the semester, then we start all over again.

The garden at the parental figures house is growing good, lots of tomatoes (again) this year. Beans are hanging in there and we're getting overrun by butternut squash and pumpkins. Mom will be starting on pickles next week...unreal!

Gotta get for a bit...the screamers want to crawdad hunt!

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