Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Fun Fact of the Day

My connection with Texas. I have family there, but that isn't the fun connection (sorry family). The fun connection isn't even HJ, Cyg and Mayberry (though they rank higher than family).

Nope, the fun connection is this: My hometown, Potosi, was founded by the father of the father of Texas. Yep, ol' Moses Austin (Stephen Austin's father) founded little Potosi. Breton Creek is just down the road along with a little park commemorating Mine รก Breton (M. Austin's original acquisition).

I can't tell you how long my family has been here, how deep the roots go...but we like to tease Grandma by saying that the McCullouch's and Rawson's that made their home in MO came along with the Mormons and just ditched. (check it, Rawson is a biggie in that group)

Yeah, there's still lead everywhere...yeah, there are old smelters still in people's backyards...but hey, it's my Texas connection!

Educating you with useless knowledge is always my pleasure...Just call me Professor Mama.


Cygnus MacLlyr said...

So, Ozark Momma...First, Thanks for the Limk there on your page. i was surprised and pleased. Even more of both to see you at my... um, alternative site!

Glad you're 'connected' here in this cool state.

In some larger way, hard to imagine we're not--beyond that.
Impossible, in fact...

Thanks for the insight...

Ozark Momma said...

Love the 'alternative' site Cyg...I'm a bit of a spiritual wanderer (which terrorizes my mother, a born again Bible thumper) and tend to prefer the 'alternative', lol.

Sad to say, I've never set foot on soil further west than Branson...that will change shortly with a very brief stop in least I can say then that I've been to Texas, right? Won't get to see the bluebells (or are they bonnets there?), but still.

Mayberry said...

BONNETS!!! Blue Bell is ice cream! Ha ha, "Don't Mess With Texas". Just make sure that when you touch down in Houston, you kiss the ground first thing, then sing The Yellow Rose of Texas. This is required of "foreigners" on arrival. Nyuck nyuck nyuck......

Interesting post! Thanks.

Ozark Momma said...

I'll try to keep all that in mind Mabe, lol. Just forgive me if I forget, I have to be at the STL airport at 3 a.m. and since that is my 'normal' bedtime, I doubt my brain will be functioning properly when I arrive in Houston.

I do know the words to 'The Yellow Rose of Texas' so it won't be hard to be singing it!!

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