Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Forgive Me...

for the slight abandonment after the slight rant the other day. I got knocked down temporarily by something...a bug, just plain tired...something. At any rate, I'm nearly up and kicking again after a couple of days of funk.

Also forgive me if you've see the following already, a couple of headlines that grabbed me this a.m. I've not done my blog rounds as of yet and don't know what everyone is ranting/rambling about today!!

Headline #1. Thoughts: The key word in the last sentence of this article is YET. Keep that one in mind.

Headline #2. Thoughts: (tongue in cheek) Looks like some are already living the dream of a simpler life. Piracy...hmm. It has potential.

On to other stuff...just a little over a month until 'the trip'. The spouse is starting to panic. See he was supposed to be putting back money, he hasn't been. But, being as I KNOW how this man thinks, I am good to go. He just doesn't know that, so I let him sweat. Evil, perhaps. But it is a necessary lesson, one he should have learned years ago. Now, this doesn't go to say that I have all the money for this trip I would like to have...not at all. It does go to say that I have enough to take care of the basics, which is fine by me. Movin' on.

Ahhh, eggs...Easter fast approaches, not that the screamers really pay attention to these things. What it really means around here is fun with dye and food. The screamers are insanely jealous of my playing with dye and yarn, so combining something they WANT (dye) with something they LOVE (food) is the best part of Easter. They do not like Easter morning sunrise service (something we do to appease my mother)...thinking on skipping that this year anyway...I'm having organized religion issues again (surprise, surprise).

Alas, the day is moving forward...the screamers are demanding sustenance and I'm in need of some of the sunny skies that are hanging around today. Ya'll get out if you can and enjoy a little bit of Spring.


madmaddy said...

For Easter egg dye, I have used onion skin. You can use both yellow and red. Also you can use beets and pomegrantes, they make a killer pink. I just have some trouble with bleeding over. Just let the skins simmer a bit first, and boil the eggs in the liquid.

HermitJim said...

Funny you should mention egg dyes...I did a post on ther whole thing this morning.

Great minds and all that, huh?

Ozark Momma said...

Jen~ I've used all (except the poms) with good results on yarn too! Going 'natural' (ahem, traditional) is the way we try to roll with the screamers.

HJ~ I glimpsed that briefly earlier, lol. I'm gonna actually head over for a decent read in a screamers screaming right now!

Cygnus MacLlyr said...

I like the making him sweat...

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