Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Cash Bonus I Totally Forgot....

Ever sign up for something and forget you signed up for it?

I've done it a lot with "trial" stuff in the past, not so much anymore.

Ever forget you signed up for something that paid you in cash?

Totally did that.

I forgot that I had signed up for Ebates about a gazillion years ago...until they finally got tired of trying to send money to a PayPal account that doesn't exist anymore and they mailed a check.

Oh hey...I have an Ebates account.  Kick in the butt for all the money I could have gotten back whilst online shopping since before we went to Germany.  Seriously.  All that cash.

Oh well, I remember now...and will hopefully not forget again.  Even if it's just slightly over $100...that's a lot of canned goods.

Lesson learned.  If you don't have one and do a lot of online shopping....go get one.

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