Friday, July 12, 2013

19 days....

It seems like an eternity!

In 19 days we will be keys in hand Kentuckians again.  The house is pretty well packed, utilities (that we're paying) set to be moved, important paperwork in hand, address changes put in.  All that is left, is to wait.

The house down there is ready...but we've budgeted so tightly this month (paid off a few extra things that we normally would just be making payments on) that the extra rent for a half a month is not available. is available, we just opt for August to not be as tight as July is in the fundage department and will stay here unless there is some magical windfall that appears.

In the meantime, we hang...doing research on schooling for me and Tanker.  Getting finances lined up for that and such.  Discussing which places to apply the extra that will be coming in from the GI Bill (that won't go toward school) in an effort to finish off all remaining debt before we buy the new house.  There will already be a sizable amount to put down on the loan, but we want more...less to pay off, less monthly debt, less interest going to "them."  The plan is to have it paid in half the time anyway...doable, even on the income we have now.  Even more doable with any kind of increase in the income; which means even if I pick up just a part-time gig somewhere the extra $$ will be put straight up on principal of any debt incurring interest.

Alas, I must be off...tomatoes are starting to turn, blackberries require picking and a cobbler be in the making.

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