Friday, March 8, 2013

I Have Come to the Realization...

(and it's not so shocking of one but I've finally decided to put it here, on the interwebz where it will forever echo through space/time/whatevs)

that our nation is toast.  There is no turning back.  Those of us that try to stand firm will be swept away by the sea of stupidity that has come to rule.  We are few, they are many.  The only thing that we can do at this point is look to ourselves, our families and those of like minds.

I do not believe that technology will be abandoned...there is too much control of the masses in it to let it go to the wayside.  Communication via interwebz, cell phones, etc will remain available (but probably at an unnamed cost) so that the masses can be "informed."  We are a world connected and they'd like to keep it that way.

I'm thinking a future that is a mash up of "Idiocracy" and "The Hunger Games"...keep them down-trodden, but keep them informed with messages you want them to see and keep them stupid.  Control what they see, what they eat, what they drink, how they educate, how they work....

I don't know if this is burnout, irritation or what.

All I know is that I've been watching closely the direction this once great nation has been taking for several years and the past two, in particular, have been one hell of a roller coaster ride...we're reaching the end...that last big climb before the final, bone shaking, terrifying drop.  The brakes are out, the safety belts are broken and there is no one minding the controls anymore.

"Maybe in three years we'll be able to get back on track."  That's what someone said to me today.  I wanted to reply that there was no more track left.  It's been nibbled away, piece by tiny piece, until we see nothing.  There is nothing there anymore that is familiar folks.

I'm not that old (under 40) but I see the massive differences in this nation from when I was just entering adulthood.  It cannot be blamed on ONE party, ONE group or even ONE person.  It is OUR fault, as a nation.  We let things become this...we let it happen because it was the easy way out.  It was easier to take the path that had been cleared versus the path with a few bumps and snags.  It is our fault.  And we will pay the price.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

Amen Momma. It is entirely our fault, and we have only just begun to pay. I think you are spot on...

Marica said...

I like that you have a wtf label. Love your blog. I don't comment often (if at all?) but I do read. I think you know Aggie at Shoestring Manor. She nominated me for a Liebster Award and I in turn am nominating you. Read about it here:

It's a bit of silliness but, you know, if it weren't for a bit of silliness I for one would lose it.

deborah harvey said...

hi. somewhat 'our' fault but i used to write to the president and congressmen but i realized that ,in spite of what they tell you about the importance of our input, they pay little or no attention, unless they can get you on a watch list for being 'threatening' which can mean anything.
i don't do it anymore. they care nothing for any of us but only for big money and influence.
look up 'politician' in a thesaurus or dictionary and the first definition is 'self-seeking, pusillanimous liar and sometimes pervert'.
if you vote, and we still do (hope springs eternal), no matter for whom you vote the outcome sems never to vary. the country and the common citizens are juiced like oranges and the rinds thrown on the dung heap.
we do our best with our votes but it is increasingly a losing battle.
the Bible says that good shall be called evil and evil called good. that's where we are today.
keep praying. only God can save us.
deb harvey

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke