Thursday, March 14, 2013

After This Weekend...

the real work begins.

This weekend is frivolous fun weekend...a day trip to SDC to break in the season passes...then a day of "rest" aka putting together (FINALLY) the table and benches I've been working on (off and on) for a couple of weeks.

Then Monday, the real work begins.

In addition to a new j-o-b for me (Lowe's...infinitely better than slinging burgers for drunks and minimum wage...even if it is just seasonal) there is plenty to be done around the 'Stead.  Topsoil delivery means the raised beds will finally be getting put to use...but that also means shoveling, shoveling and more shoveling along with putting in some PVC hoop frames on a few of them so they'll be useful sooner this spring and longer this fall.  Cherry trees and blueberries need to go in the ground...strawberry "patch" needs to be worked out as the coop has yet to be moved and the area I WAS going to put them in happens to be the chickens' favorite place to take a dirt bath.  If the ground ever dries out enough in the spot we've got to cross (natural wash out area...small raging stream while the rain was melting the ice/snow last week), we'll get the coop moved...IF.  I'm thisclose to just building a new coop.  Seriously.

We'll also start work on the rabbit shed...right now the chow dogs are in small hutches next to the house.  Tanker wants them out further, next to where the coop will eventually be.  Oh and a small barn/shed/whatever is in the works for future cow...whenever she is able to be bought.  Prices have started inching back up on dairy cattle, so looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer on that.  Sigh.  I'm beginning to think just putting up a small barn would be a better choice.  May be chewing that one over with Tanker soon...before any serious building is begun.

And now...I'm off...chicks to attend upstairs and sleep to be had.

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Catherine said...

What I learned about putting up a barn: make it at least 50% bigger than you think you will ever need. Animals tend to expand in ways you never imagined... :) Good luck!

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