Monday, December 3, 2012

What a Crazy Idea....

a friend and I were privately chatting on FB (she's still mostly sheeple...just to set the scene) and she asks me about this whole fiscal cliff mess (her knowing I am of the tin hat wearing sort) and how the annual Holiday break those folks in D.C. take might work out.

"It won't," says me.
"Aren't they supposed to stay and finish this kind of stuff?" says she.
"LMAO...seriously ROTFLMFAO," says me.
"I'm serious," says she.
"Oh...well, they really should but let's be honest: THIS COUNTRY HAS BEEN OPERATING WITHOUT A BUDGET FOR NEARLY 4 YEARS...why worry about it now, I mean...what's a little fiscal cliff at this point, right?" says me, full on interwebz shouting. "It was a nice thought though."
"Really?  I didn't know," she admits.

Guess which team she voted for.

Le Sigh.

At any rate, the convo continued with her wondering why we Americans don't do something about the lack of cooperation between everyone in D.C. and me telling her the problem IS everyone in D.C.  Blah, blah, blahditty, blah.  You know how it goes from there...I become that crazy, paranoid, tin foil wearing nutjob that she still adores even though I'm not all there.  Thanks for the talk, Cindy Lou's your water and a pat on the head.  Have a candy cane and celebrate the downfall of our country.

Moving on.

The good news of the month (thus far) is that Tanker finally got himself a little Marlin .22 he's been wanting and mostly got his 20 gauge in working order.  Also picked up a compound bow at a local pawn shop completely decked out with bells and whistles.  I got jealous, so went and found me a nice little PSE at BassPro.    Note to self:  Need more arrows.  Yeah, and not the fiberglass kind that shatter on impact when you're retooling your sights and aim too high (oh, hello oak tree).  Second note to self:  Next time just use those damned annoying roosters as targets.  Two birds, one arrow.

Speaking of roosters...the flock isn't as rooster full as previously thought.  Though I am feeding more than I need.  They aren't big enough for eating yet, so have to wait on that pleasure.  Not that it matters...the two causing the biggest ruckus in the flock are bantams...not even worth the time it would take to pluck.  I've been trying to get rid of them but no takers as of yet.  I've also been toying with the idea of adding to the flock now, instead of next spring. Have to get the coop moved first and find a little solar light to go out in it (stupid chickens won't go back in if there's not light but do just fine without it once they're in).

And the final bit o' news from the 'Stead....we've added another family member....of the 4 legged variety.  A deaf white cat that was originally named Fiona.  Now named Finn.  Poor Finn, called him Fiona for a couple of days...guess it's a good thing he couldn't hear us, right?

That's about it for now...back to work tomorrow night at McD's...still hoping to find something either better paying or closer to home.  Both would be a bonus.

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