Monday, June 7, 2010

Next Major Purchase...

for the household is something similar to this (link in English 'cause I like ya). Along with some totes and such...why? Because we have a serious lack of storage for the oodles of canned goods that I "hoard" here. Oh and the cases of shelf stable milk (not exactly the same, but close enough...and not half & half) I keep buying. Hey, it's only 41 cents (Euro) on the economy per carton...can't pass that one up.

After that a new bed for the Spousal Unit and myself may be in order but I'm thinking that new mattresses and slats would be way, way cheaper (and I'm right there). Of course there is always the continued purchasing of food items and other such things as would be needed to make it through several months of no fundage in the event of an extreme I've been keeping an eye on the ever flucuating pay (thanks non-stable COLA rate) and have decided that the most logical turn for a budget would be not to include said COLA. We're also going local (sorta) and switching our spot for main pay deposit...our little bank back in MO makes it a little bit of a pain in the rear to work with ATMs (fees and whatnot) which drives me batty as hell.

Just a little update from across the pond...a little trivial in light of current events, but an update none-the-less.


HermitJim said...

Always good to hear an update from you, my friend! Hope you get the shelf units rel soon and that things continue to go well!

Ryan said...

We do not include COLA in our budget. As it varies that could reach havoc on the normal operating budget. You could use it for a variety of purposes, preps, paying down debt, extra saving, travel, etc.

We bank with USAA so they reimburse ATM fees up to a few bucks a month. Make relatively big withdrawls and it works so we pay no fees.

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