Sunday, April 18, 2010

Slowly Settling...

we're in our new digs...and waiting on our own goods to get here.

Been interesting in these parts the past few days, what with the sudden lack of planes/chem trails in the sky. Nice to look up and see blue sky with not a trace of any of that mess. Had a chat with the taxi driver that dragged me and the groceries home this a.m. about it...his brother in Frankfurt thinks it's eerie. No planes, no noise, no chem trails. Being that he shuttles from the airport up there he's anxious to see flights going again and worried about the whole continuing erruption. His bread and butter afterall.

Oh, forgot to drop this one on ya...the eldest screamer has decided he wants to give "school in a building" a shot again. Fine, 6 weeks left in the year so we'll see how he does. The youngest on the other hand has NO desire to go because "girls might kiss" him and he'll "have to marry them all." I'm not really sure where that kid came from.

Ah...the bed calls since I'll have to be alive and somewhat human for tomorrow's adventure at the school with teacher and counselors (I swear it takes less paperwork to get a license than to enroll a kid in school).

Much love to ya'll weathering the storms (in more ways than one) in the States.


Mayberry said...

Thanks for the update Momma, glad to hear you're settling in.

HermitJim said...

Hope you get all settled in soon, Momma!

I know it's a hassle right now...but I'm sending you some positive thoughts to help things along, OK?

Wendy said...

On a positive note re: your son wanting to go to school, if it's a DOD school, from I remember (which isn't a great deal given how many years it's been ;) from being a student, he'll get a better quality education than what he might get at a regular PS school here in the States ;).

I bet the absence of plane trails is pretty eerie. Hope you guys don't get affected by the ash clouds.

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