Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Trip to the Grocery....

and a revelation.

Someone, around here at least, is listening. Watching, learning and buying. The area has always been big on gardening, for the most part. Nearly everyone puts in a summer garden. But this year...this year, someone (or somebodies) is doing more.

You know those packest of seeds that are 10 cents? The ones that are black and white and look old timey? The local grocery (literally local...locally owned...the only major competitor here with Tram-Law) was putting them out last week, earlier than usual I might add, and this week...poof! There are barely any left in the stand. Out of curiousity I chatted up one of the stockboys that's been there for years. "Faster than I've ever seen them go" he says. "Don't know when more are coming in. There weren't any on the truck this week but I'm sure they'll get more in."

Looks like gardens around here will be more than just the usual tomatoes and cucumbers this year. I'm looking forward to my seed order from Baker coming in, even if I don't get to plant as early as I'd like. Oh and Big Lots is stocked way, way, way up on canning jars and the likes here...so I guess not every big business isn't seeing the light...they know what is going to make money for them in just a few months at least. I would sure love to go grab a huge bunch of them, but lets face it...they'd be broke in the move most likely. I'll wait to see where we are headed, then think logistics.

On another note, Tram-Law here is already putting out the gardening stuff...no seeds yet though. Interesting that this wasn't the case last year. That stuff didn't show until late February.

So, what's the gardening forcast for your area?


madmaddy said...

Our local Bi mart has the coolest portable greenhouses. They are large enough to stand up in and are at a killer price. I liked the first one so much, I bought a second. They are on sale for $69. I cant wait to start my seeds, but we still have snow and I haven't assembled it yet. They had a model already put together so I was able to walk into it. The shelves are a bit flimsy, but that can be reinforced. The plastic cover is very durable and will last several seasons.

One of the major stores in town started selling seeds, and I noticed that most of the cooler type, and short season crops are already sold out. Looks like a lot of folks are thinking the same thing.

Mayberry said...

I don't get out much, so don't see what's going on around. All I know is that me and my "partner in crime" will have 115' by 40', damn near the size of an average residential lot, planted with all sorts of goodies. My folks, who've never had a garden that I can remember, are planning on planting some stuff this spring. As are some folks at work. I noticed Mason jars prominently displayed at the local grocery, something I've never seen before.....

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