Saturday, January 9, 2010

A few things...

on my mind as I begin (rather re-start) the arduous task of packing up our things in preparation for "the move."  Even though we don't know where we'll be, we've been told it is going to most likely be Stateside (one of two TX posts or one in GA) so the move will be our job.  I've found as we pack that even though I somehow manage to rid us of some things, I've not gotten rid of nearly enough.

I've tried (pretty much unsuccessfully) to freecycle some stuff on a local group and only managed to give away one small box of the boys outgrown clothes.  Still have a big box of old women's sweatshirts/sweaters/maternity and a car seat (all in dang good condition)...I get that initial email then nothing else.  These are the same people that are forever posting wanteds..."I NEED this" or "I'm desperate"....really, if you are so desperate, then take what I'm offering without asking for specifics and be glad that someone is posting something that you NEED.  Okay, that was a little ranty...but now I remember why I stopped freecycling for a while.

I'm also a little perplexed at what to do with the 300+ VHS we've accumulated over the past 14 years.  All three VCR's we have eat tapes, so we don't use them (alas, this revelation came too late for my Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade VHS).  Sis will inherit the child-friendly ones for the nephew but what to do with the rest.  There are so many, I'd hate to just give them away when I could sell them for 50 cents a piece and have a little extra $$ (even if it just amounts to $20 or less).  Ebay is an option, but do I want to mess with that?  Yard sale?  Another do I really want to mess with it thing.  No local shop to buy them (matter of fact the only movie store in town just went out of business).  I have to decide what to do with them because I don't really feel like dragging them cross country...again.

The obscene toy collection will be taking a nosedive soon, with a chunk of them being donated or whatever.  There are just too many despite previous cullings of the flock and that's more I don't want to move. 

We will not discuss the book will not be culled.  No negotiation.  There is nothing in there that won't be read again (several times) or useful for something...though I'm pretty sure I don't need 15 cookbooks...I think...nah, I'll keep them.  I don't care that when the whole shebang is packed up it equals anywhere from 6 to 8 boxes...these are invaluable.

So here I sit...wondering how to rid the house of things that we don't need/want when I am trapped in the dilemma of sale/giveaway/trash...not a life changing decision really but one that puzzles all the same.


SciFiChick said...

I feel your pain about moving. We are doing so as well.
I had to laugh about the VHS tapes. I FINALLY found mine a home with a neighbor. I just couldn't bring myself to toss them out.
Your freecycle sounds like ours here. To many people wanting to get picky with FREE! I finally unsubscribed as all it seemed to be was "I Want" and "I Need"

Richard P said...

Another blog I read just talked about this subject:

You might find some interesting ideas in there.

Ozark Momma said...

SciFiChick~ Must be something with freecycle (and groups like it)...way too many picky I wants and I needs.

Richard P~ Thanks for the link...10 a day I can do, but I sure can't let loose of the books. Whatever would I do without them when technology fails us, lol. I will be digitizing the piles and piles of pictures though and letting go (ie trashing) all the ones that I either cringe at or have no real sentimental value. The mothering parental unit scrapbooks, so she can go to town with all that I have!

Richard P said...

I'm with you on the books. That's one thing that's off limits for the trashing cycle.

Mayberry said...

The only experience I had with "Freecycle" was the local "moderator", or whatever, denied me membership because I dared say the word "swap" in my little introduction... Sounds like a bunch of anal retentives to me. Oh well. Craigslist and garage sales...

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