Saturday, December 7, 2013

Reassessment Time....

a move is in our future...again.

Don't get me wrong...we really do love the house, mostly.  There have been several issues pop up over the last month however that go to show us that the landlord had his crew rush to finish...and they finished badly.  All issues that he will be fixing, eventually.

The big thing for us is lack of land and selling price.  We sit on a half acre lot and have use of the adjacent half acre lot.  Unfortunately, the landlord is suffering under the delusion that the property is worth a lot...I'm sure it was, a couple of years ago.  But now, with no less than 5 homes for sale in a half mile radius...all for less or equal the amount he's asking (and the equal amount ones have way more land attached and more amenities)...his asking price is too high for us to say for sure we'll be buying at the end of our lease.

There are dozens of other properties, with large amounts of land (LARGE amounts...cannot stress that enough) that are in the same price range as this one.  We're talking double digit acreage...with a home....with streams/creeks/river frontage, barns, sheds, etc.  Of course, none of these fit our needs (ability to lease) when we moved back to KY...they still don't with the whole leasing thing.  But when the time comes to buy....they'll fit nicely in the bracket we intend to spend.

Naturally, we are aware that they likely won't be available (maybe...depends) when we're ready to buy...but we can hope.

Most will require a move further north in the State...not much further but some....a few are actually considerably closer to the School for the Deaf (which we are still assuming the eldest will need...assessments still pending there).  I do hate to move the screamers to yet another new school...their current one is ranked right up there with their last in how eager and willing they were to work with us on the eldest screamer's IEP.  Thankfully, my spawn are made of willow and bend with the wind.  Good thing since the wind tends to blow us a bit of everywhere.

So we begin with the whittling down of luxuries (not that there are a lot) to quicken the growth of our personal down payment fund (as the one the landlord is supposedly building will be null and void with our decision to not purchase...note that I am seriously doubting he is actually putting any percentage of our rent into any kind of account except his own personal one) along with saving up to get the junker Durango fixed (still so beyond pissed over that) because we just can't take the hit to the credit that trading it in on another vehicle (and getting a new loan) would give.  Thankfully....we've got time.  Not much...but time.

We hope.

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