Sunday, April 28, 2013

After a Week Off....

due to extreme germiness...I head back in to work tomorrow.  And find myself thinking...thank goodness it's only a temp position.

That's bad, isn't it?  After all the hunting, searching and practically begging whilst in the market for a job I am now grateful that it's only temporary.  Touched in the head, I swear.

But in my defense, there is A LOT to get done around here before the VA will back us for a loan...Tanker can not do it all alone (nor do I want him to even attempt it).  And we're not really hurting for money...but I do dislike spending money on stuff to get it fixed when the 'Stead is not yet in our name...BUT we can't get it in our name until certain things are fixed.  Damned if you do kinda thing, ya know.

I only have to push through 'til the beginning of June (I think...gonna have to double check that) and then the position is done.  I was saving my paychecks for a new fridge but they'll sit in savings as part of the required down payment for a bit...gathering tiny, itty bitty bits of interest.

Got nothing done on the 'Stead today as we opted to make use of our season passes and took the boys to Branson for a bit....note to self:  No more weekends if it can be helped.  Huge crowds do nothing for Tanker's non-existent PTSD.

Off to sleep it is for me...meds have kicked in (along with all of today's activity) and I suppose I should attempt to be human for work tomorrow.

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