Thursday, May 24, 2012

"How ARE You Walking?"

Funny posed yesterday to Soldier by the VA doc doing his paperwork...and he was dead serious.  Seems that there is WAY more going on in Soldier's spine than we were being let on about.  And the VA doc is a little on the furious side.  This could be a good thing I guess, but leaves us wondering what else we don't know about.

There comes that "adventure" from the previous post...good thing I've learned to roll with the punches I suppose.

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Adventures in Self Reliance said...

This sound very familiar but the ARMY won't spend on folks. VA budget is seperate and smaller.
Get the term Life insurance you won't get a better deal even if you get the minumum get in the system.
I'm in SW Idaho and we do have a darn good bunch of folks at the Local VA hospital. I spent almost 4 months in the ECU and they were as good at the begining as the end and help get my SSD done with a first time go!
If you need any advice for navigating VA or disability give me a holler. Let us know the types of jobs you are looking for. Hell if your willing to settle in Nevada, Idaho is no big stretch if you can get a job.

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