Friday, July 22, 2011

Well then...

there's so much going on over here (EU) and over there (USofA) that it's mind boggling.  Where to begin with all the nonsense and craziness?  Nowhere, but I'll keep watching and digesting...wonder if there will be a sudden stop at the bottom of the slow spiral or if things will go on "as usual" with very little uproar from the general public.  Grumblings are one thing, true genuine displeasure is quite another.  Watching closely.

Plans and research on the homestead are moving along nicely, despite the HUGE amount of uncertainty we're facing here due to Soldier's back injury...are they going to keep him in, put him out, how long for the later to take place and if he stays in then for how long?  Craziness on a personal scale, but easy to handle if you just ride the waves and stay parallel to the shore...we'll wash up where we want to be eventually.  Which is all good...even better is that Soldier has come to the dark side, bwahahahahaha.

He wants full off grid (good thing since I think the nearest lines for anything near our property are a mile or more away), he's warming up to at least partial earth-berm and is practically giddy over the prospect of a real garden and livestock.  Oh and hunting...super excited over the hunting.  Men.

Alas, the spawn are demanding food (geez, don't the ever stop eating?) so the update is over...more later!

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