Saturday, November 14, 2009

A History Lesson...

mixed with an ancestory lesson...for the screamers.

Tonight we were reading a free book we found in the mail (I requested it, it wasn't some random box stuffing) about Thanksgiving and the history of it and such. I flipped through it a few days ago, giggling at how I was going to present it to the screamers...segway to tonight. Picture us all snuggled down in the big bed, blankets securely tucked around the screamers and Mommy sitting between with a paperback....

M (Mommy) "Tonight we're going to read a little about Thanksgiving."

OS (oldest screamer) "Why?"

M "Because that's the book I picked up. Now sit down and listen."

I read a bit, details on why the Pilgrims head over and such. Then the coming over, then the landing and tada the intro to Native Americans.

OS "Is that Pappaw's grandpa?" pointing at a rather unflattering rendering of a man supposed to be Squanto.

M "No, but let me give you another lesson...Mommy's ancestors, people from a long time ago that are part of our family, were like these people" I point to the delicately drawn white woman wrapped in a shawl shivering against the cold "Daddy's ancestors were both these people (again the white woman) and these people (Squanto)."

OS "So we are Natip Amernicans"

M "Yes and no. Not fully."

OS sits back and chews on that for a little while before he interrupts a bit on the Three Sisters (beans, squash and pumpkins for the uninitated). "Momma, where are all the Natip Amernicans?"

Ah, I've been waiting for this one...I really have.

M "You know that green vine we see when we're going to KY...the kudzu?"

OS "Yeah?"

M "Well, the white people were like that vine. They weren't from here, they were transplants. But they grew like that vine. They spread out all willy nilly and just took over everything. They pushed the Natives out or crushed them, just like that vine. The Natives were told that they had to leave and live on a little bit of land...they couldn't stay where their people had always been, couldn't hunt there or plant gardens."

OS sits quietly for a moment before looking up and saying "That wasn't very nice, was it Momma?"

Sigh..."No baby, they weren't."

I think, just maybe, I might be raising a kid that is a deep Wonder how he would react to the Trail of Tears story (sadistic ain't I?) after all...those were/are his people too. I'm saving the plight of the Irish for later.


Mayberry said...

I always make my kids think. Reading and thinking are the two most important skills to have, the rest will naturally follow (but not necessarily in school, as was my case!). Great job Momma.

HermitJim said...

Better for them to learn the truth of history from Mom...than to be spoon fed that crap that passes for history in schools today!

Bless you, Sister, for doing it right!

Anonymous said...

yes 100 percent agree about teaching the truth.

The history books have been rewritten to make everything so acceptable to Us. Its discusting!

I personally didnt do any concuring and I dont contribute twards it. Sadly USA hasnt learned or evolved into a better people as we are doing the same thing in other lands. We should be focussing on our selves and growth.

The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke