Thursday, October 8, 2009


a familiar online/text term...but I'm not using it "that" way tonight. Tonight, OMG stands for Oh My Gallbladder!!

Attack of the great green bile producer! I've been under attack for a few days now, got so bad that at one point I was convinced I was having a heart attack...oy. No, I didn't run to the ER, no insurance would have racked up some serious bills. Besides, it was all brought on by stress over money (I know, I shouldn't stress over paper). Slowly getting better now, at least I can do more than roll on the floor in pain. The liquid diet I've been on has done wonders with the weight loss...7lbs in two days. Not really the way you want it to go, but hey.

All of this of course got me to thinking...what if? Sure my herbals were great help in mixing up some nice teas and muscle relaxing baths, but I had to actually hunt down info on what was going Of course, WebMD scared the bejesus outta me because it kept popping up with aortic dissection (it's scary, look it up) but never once mentioned gallbladder. That took a little prompting from Mom and Grandma. So now I'm looking at books that are good to have on hand for matching symptoms with issues (taking suggestions, btw). I know, I know...there's the internet, but please let's be you really, honestly think it's going to last forever? Yeah, me neither.

Off to drink some more tea and maybe, just maybe, eat some crackers.


HermitJim said...

I sure hope it gets better for ya soon, my friend! Hate to see anyone I know feeling bad.

I'll be sending some good thoughts to you...but I'm afraid that's about all I know how to do!

You take care...OK?

barefoot gardener said...

Oh, GOSH! My sympathies. I had my gallbladder out almost 3 years ago, and truly know the pain you are in. I think childbirth was easier....

As for advice: save your pennies and have the dang thing taken out!

No, really. fatty food, spicy food, or dairy. It's no guarantee against a recurrance, but it will help. I don't know of anything that will actually get rid of the stones (if you have them).

Good luck!

Ozark Momma said...

My mom and I were just discussing this today, bg....childbirth without drugs was WAY, WAY easier...seriously.

I'm hanging in and fighting it tooth and nail until the spouse is firmly embedded in Ft. Sill and I have all that lovely paperwork done concerning the screamers and myself...then it's straight to el doctoro for a checkup.

Tracy said...

The book I've found that I like best so far is Prevention Health Home Remedies. There's tons of versions, so it shouldn't be too hard to find an older one on line or in a thrift shop.

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