Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dear Potosi R-III School District,

Thank you so much for the trauma you have caused. My oldest child was given to you, with much trepidation, to teach. He came to you as an excited and elated five year old boy, eager to learn and happy. He will be leaving you this afternoon as an unhappy, labeled little boy who is no longer excited at the prospect of "going to school in a building."

Congratulations, it took you less than a month to destroy his joy. That is some kind of record, I'm sure.

My apologies for sending you a child that was "very bright" (to quote his teacher) and "academically advanced" (to quote another). I didn't realize that preparing my child and teaching my child was something that would cause trouble. My apologies for sending you a child that is an independent thinker, one that does not depend on adults to defend him and one that is not a (sorry all) sissified pussy that is all touchy feely about others feelings and refuses to moderate his opinions for the sake of others' feelings.

I do thank you for showing me the light...and that I was right. My child is infinately better off where he will be as of this afternoon...home, learning with someone that loves him and bothers to take the time to understand him. Farewell to those that have made this last month one of the sigularly most trying in my young son's life. You jerks.


Chad said...

Sadly, it's not a record. My first day of kindergarten, I was as excited as i'd ever been in my life. About halfway through the day, we were turned over to a PE instructor in the gym. Some of us were sitting on the smooth floor, whirling around. I didn't stop when I was told to, and the instructor told me to leave and go back to my classroom. When I got there, the room was empty, and the lights were all off. I was frightened, and hid under a table. After about an hour, the teacher burst into the room, very angrily. She found me under the table, dragged me out, and beat the living crap out of me. She beat me and beat me. Then, they called my mother to come pick me up. We were going to be moving in a few months, so my mother kept me at home until then. Thank you, Arvada IA, for turning a hyperactive, intelligent 5 year old child into an introverted, neurotic mess who hated school, authority figures, and had trouble studying and making friends for the next 10 years.

Did it MY way said...

God bless you for saving your child. I wish all mother's and father's would do the same. We could change the world

Mayberry said...

Wow... I had a rough time in school, as I learned later on is due to my personality type, so I can understand how the "one size fits all" so-called education system is not fit for everyone. The screamer is way better off in your hands, and not some repressive public school.

madmaddy said...

I think you are a class act taking a stand! Good for you! My 17 yr old nephew, who lives with me, is ADHD and can be a handful, but we are fortunate that the little school district he is in now has some give and take. He takes meds now, but he has the option of not taking them if he doesnt want to. He just finds that it works for him right now. He was forced to take high dose meds when he lived in Washington. He spent 13 years in 13 schools because his mom is a methhead and just got passed thru each grade so they wouldnt have to bother with him. I have him down to a 1/4 of what he was taking before. He is headed in the right direction now, learning responsibility and has his first job!

Diana said...

Good for you and, especially, for him. Everyone should homeschool if at all possibly.

What I really love are the people who have their 2.5 children and can't wait to get them off their hands,either in day(not)care or in a government school.

You did good!!!

Bitmap said...

I couldn't imagine sending ours to a government school.

I'm glad to see that you are taking care of the situation.

TheSurvivalMom said...

Good for you for not forcing him to stay in an impossible situation. Even though I taught school for a number of years, when it came to my own kids' education, there was no question but that we would homeschool. This is our sixth year, and we love it! It's a commitment, to be sure, but our kids are the winners.


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