Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No News...

is good news...right?

Well, we got news and it isn't so good.  Soldier is more damaged than originally thought, which means the land in Nevada is a no-go for right now.  No-go as in we won't be going there and starting from scratch.  Instead we will be heading home to MO, finding a place there and starting from not-so-scratch.  Soldier won't be doing any heavy lifting, building of big things or the such for quite some time.  He will be getting Medical Out, we just don't know when that will start or how it will work with new regs.  They (Garrison, I think) are trying to get a new regulation written that all Med Boards get sent back to the States to finish out.  That means homeward bound we shall be...eventually.

We've found a few places that have caught our eye...small homes, acreage, areas with no to few restrictions...not all that close to family but closer than we are now and not as far as Nevada.  We will be keeping the Nevada land...just in case.  It'll make for a nice backup and/or long family camping trips (really long).

Since we are now aware of the inevitable, the waiting is horrible.  Soldier has it the worst...unable to do much of anything...morning walks to the company (because he can't drive with the meds he's on and refuses to wake us all up at 0dark30 for me to drive him) wipe him out for the entire day.  The meds are pretty heavy and he's tired/hurting all the time regardless.  There is very little I can do for him to help, so we just plug away at the time we have left here.  I'm keeping an eye on him...watching for signs of depression and the like.  But I know what he's thinking...'what good is a Soldier that can't soldier?"  Not sure how much it's affected him, he talks but not a lot.  The good news is that he has a fantastic doc that really cares and goes to bat for her Soldiers.  This woman is an original and I adore her.

Alas, that's all the news from here for now...chilly night air is creeping in (we're having an Indian Summer right now) and the dog needs to pee.  

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not Feeling It...

this 'hurry up and wait' thing that we have going on here. Today of all days. This is the same place (not exactly but close) we were 10 years ago. Germany, waiting. Only this time our eyes are no longer closed to many things...we are more prepared, more worldly and more disenfranchised with the 'status quo.'

10 years is a long time to watch while you are stripped of rights and liberties despite your protests, votes, etc. The shape of the nation now is a disservice and discredit to those that lost their lives that very long day 10 years ago and those that have lost their lives since.

Pray, if you pray...meditate positive vibes if you meditate...but above all, prepare for the inevitable fall.

(P.S. Check the blog roll, there's a newbie. The Bunker Index. It's worth the bookmark.)
The true danger is when liberty is nibbled away, for expedience, and by parts. --Edmund Burke